The Chronicle Garden Competition

The Garden City is home to thousands of passionate gardeners who work year-round transforming their private gardens into stunning floral showpieces.

The Chronicle Garden Competition offers visitors the opportunity to visit the beautiful gardens that have been entered.  There are so many amazing gardens to explore you’ll need the Chronicle Garden Competition Guide and map.  Look for it in Friday 17 Sept edition of The Chronicle newspaper.  Copies can be purchased from TCOF Info Hubs in the floral parks or at the Toowoomba Visitor Information Centre, 86 James Street, Toowoomba.


Friday 17 Sept – Sunday 19 Sept, 9am to 5pm

Friday 24 Sept – Sunday 26 Sept, 9am to 5pm

* Some competition gardens will also be open for a full 10 days between 17 – 26 September.




Locations revealed in The Chronicle newspaper on Friday 17 Sept.