Grand Central Floral Parade Entrant Information

We are excited to confirm that the Grand Central Floral Parade will be filling the streets of Toowoomba on Saturday 16th September 2023 …at start time of 10am!

Applications have now closed. We can’t wait to see everyone smiling, waving and showcasing all the colours, cultures and community spirit of our region.

Please take a moment to view above (or click here to view in new window)  to hear from the team and see what the parade theme is for this year!

We are excited to announced that the 2023 Parade Creative Advisor team are local’s Anna Battle and Mary-Kate Thomson, they are keen to help you align your entry to the theme and any creative assistance needed.

Entrant Information Booklet

General Application

Band Application 

Creative Advisor Meetingsemail our office to lock in your time with the Creative Advisor team,  you can meet face to face or via zoom, during work hours or after hours!

Itty Bitty Grand Central Floral Parade

A special version of the iconic Parade takes centre stage in Grand Central with itty bitty versions of colourful and creative floats on display. Itty Bitty Grand Central Floral Parade entries are open to those groups that may find it hard to participate in the ‘big’ parade, we encourage Schools, Kindergartens and Daycare centres, Disability and Inclusion providers, not-for-profit groups and retirement or aged person homes to participate.

Click HERE to apply.

Floral Parade Entrant Grants

The Floral Parade Entrant Grant Program is developed with a philosophy of partnership, whereby Council provides funding to encourage, involve and support not-for-profit legal entities to make a positive and ongoing contribution to the region’s economic prosperity, community wellbeing and cultural life, through entering the Grand Central Floral Parade.

Floral Parade Grant Guidelines

Start your Grant application HERE

We are excited to have received your applications and the team are keen to support you through this process so please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you many have!