Drayton & Toowoomba Cemetery Gardens

A hidden gem in the gardens of Toowoomba is the Drayton and Toowoomba Cemetery gardens.  The dimensions of today’s cemetery were laid down in 1882 when an area of 67 acres (27.11ha) was gazetted for the Drayton & Toowoomba cemetery. Control of the cemetery was passed from the Trust to Toowoomba City Council in 1974.  Majestic old trees and manicured lawns provide a beautiful setting, holding many interesting stories!  You can discover the meaning of certain headstones and gain personal insight into the richness of the lives of Toowoomba’s early residents with a unique self-guided walk through the gravesites. The tombstone Trails allow you to explore the rich and fascinating history of Toowoomba’s early pioneers.  A map of five self-guided trails is available from the Toowoomba Visitor Information Centre  or the cemetery on-site office (during business hours only).

Since the first registered burial in 1866, the Drayton & Toowoomba Cemetery has been an integral part of Toowoomba’s history. It contains the graves of pioneers, previous Mayors and other prominent people who shaped our local history. A walk through various sections gives you insight into the way people lived in different eras, the hardships they faced, their life expectancy and even prevalent diseases at the time. In 2009 the Drayton & Toowoomba Cemetery was listed in the Queensland Heritage Register.


Open to the public from 6am to 6pm daily.




Corner Anzac Avenue and South Street Toowoomba (Google map)